Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tough Goin'

So, what do you do when your toddler is full of crap? Literally?

Well, after sitting by helplessly for months while our little guy cried and contorted in pain every three days and after listening to advice about completely excluding dairy (impossible with this milk addict), offering up delicious
prune  (now re-marketed as plum) juice daily (to a toddler with the expectation of success?!) and other more (MUCH more) invasive recommendations, we decided to see his doctor and put him on a plan.

Apparently there are many of parents who are similarly situated. We'd worked to cut out processed foods and all of the items listed above but following the no milk, more prune juice regimen was tough. No, it was impossible. After only three days and a little help from Miralax (or the CVS Purelax), we've seen a marked change in our little guy. No tears, no pain. We're still working on the prune (er, plum) juice.

Now we've got more time to work on our anti-temper tantrum plan. Apparently, the whiskey or Benadryl cure from our grandparents' day is out. And illegal.

Any other recommendations?


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