Monday, May 7, 2012

Homeschooling Revisited

With my maternity leave from work nearing and Baby D's preschool and other extracurricular class renewal notices coming fast and furiously, I had to sit myself down and think about this guy's education plan for the next six months.

Once I take leave, I can no longer schlep him across the metropolitan area to
attend preschool and music classes. I have to find something closer to home. How about in the home? I really do enjoy the social growth that the preschool setting affords him, but I also will enjoy the thousands of dollars saved from keeping him at home for a few months. I'm thinking I can handle the education part. I mean, how difficult can CAN it be?  I've thought about homeschooling before but I only followed up by speaking German on odd-numbered days of the week. Pretty soon, for the sake of my little dude, I'll have to plan some sort of cogent plan into action.

I'll have 24 hour domestic childcare so I will have support for his education and the care of the new baby. In the evening, I'll put together a lesson plan for the next day so he won't waste his days away on cereal and Dinosaur Train (we LOVE all the PBS shows but I'm guilty as charged in using it to clear some time when cooking/reading/editing!)

So far, I'm planning for him to attend three days at a traditional preschool (so he doesn't become a complete weirdo) and two days of homeschooling. I probably can't mess that up too badly, right? I mean, I survived university and law school - if I can't teach this child about the life cycle of frogs, size and shape sorting and sentence structure, I've got much bigger problems.

I'm armed with a stack of teaching guides, plans and other materials to prepare myself for the start of our new part-time home program at the end of the summer.

Any suggestions and/or recommendations that I be committed to a mental health facility for attempting to take this on?


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