Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Frankenstorm Sandy Tale - Part I

Three days prior, we had discussed how we would prepare for her. I said, Big D, I think we need a generator. He was incredulous. He said, these weather guys are full of it. A day later, he thought, well, maybe we'll get the food and flashlights and batteries. You know, just in case.

Mayor Bloomberg closed the bridges Monday afternoon. I started to panic. We were out on Sunday and early Monday morning. No sign of Sandy. Just a light rustling of the leaves. Typical for fall.

Suddenly, the winds kicked up and began to blow around the bushes first and then the small trees and finally the large ones. Darkness. It was just around three o'clock in the afternoon and we lost power. Right in time for the sun to go down.

It was cute and all Little House on the Prairie at first. We were still able to cook on the stove and had hot water. Big D read books by flashlight. I made some jokes, told stories. Ate too much Halloween candy. Then got nervous about the cold that would set in...


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