Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

All of these are either products we've tried or those on our wish list for our three year old. Last year, it was animal sets. This year - books, movies, things that help make a mess, er, art and things that go!

Imaginarium City Central Train Table

Whenever we visit friends who own a train table, our little guy goes into the other child's room and stays up there alone playing with the train set while everyone else is downstairs. Quiet play-inducing toy for a toddler? We'll take two.

Cost: $119.99

Twig 72 Piece Set
If your kiddo is tired of boring old blocks, switch it up with Twig. This 72 piece set will help their creativity shine and foster their visual spatial development. Plus, the colors make for a modern and stylish look.
Cost: $38.91

Dinosaur Train Gift Basket
Make up a little Dinosaur Train goody basket for your little Pteranodon. The comfy slippers and pajama are cool enough to make bedtime feel like fun. The book or DVD is a nice little treat for your nocturnal T-Rex to enjoy just before bed on the weekends. Our whole family sings along with the DVD. Dinosaur Train is my husband's favorite show for our little boy - it has the ability to convey a positive message while still managing to be entertaining. 

Dinosaur Train Buddy & Pteranodon Friends Pajamas from American Marketing Enterprises (AME)


Cost: $20.00
Online:, with alternative styles, including the Dinosaur Train infant & toddler boy's footed pajamas at Kmart.

Dinosaur Train Buddy the T-Rex Toddler Boys Moccasin Blue Slippers from Wiesner Products

Perfect for any Dinosaur Train fan, these Buddy the T-Rex moccasin slippers feature cuddly soft uppers and an appliqué of Buddy with interesting T Rex facts. The thick, padded soles are covered in a striped material with textured nubs for slip resistance. Sizes S, M, L.
Cost: $18.00

Dinosaur Train: Ride the Holiday Train Lift-The-Flap Board Book, from Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing

Buddy and his friends are super excited. Their favorite holiday is coming—the Winter Solstice! Kids travel on the holiday train to the North Pole where the Pteranodon family has the chance to build snow dinosaurs, play a prehistoric game of ice hockey, and meet some new friends.  Secondary learning activities which reinforce learning concepts are included, and over 45 flaps hide fun surprises that kids will want to find again and again!

Cost: $9.99
Published: October 2, 2012
Online/In-store: Wherever books are sold.

DINOSAUR TRAIN™: DINOSAURS A TO Z DVD – Featuring Bonus Holiday Episode

Travel on the Dinosaur Train with Buddy, Mom, and Tiny to gather all the dinosaurs in the "Dinosaurs A to Z'" song for a picnic at Troodon Town! Join the Pteranodon family as they reunite with some dinosaurs they've met before, and are introduced to new species, and learn about the classification of all 26 dinosaurs on the train.
Bonus Holiday Episode: Solstice Time

Cost: $12.99 U.S.; $13.99 Canada
Released: October 2, 2012
Runtime: Approximately 110 minutes

Wishbone Flip
Every 3 year old wants to be on the move! With the Wishbone flip, your little tyke can be rocking and rolling on the same super cool rider. It can be a rocking horse one minute and a push roller the next. Plus this bike is environmentally friendly: made from 100% sustainably managed European birch plywood, the Flip uses glues and finishes that are non-toxic and no plastic packaging.
Cost: $149

Grow'n Up Crayola Creativity Play Station
Skip the easel this year and get your little ones an art table! With more space to be creative, they'll be scrawling all over this brightly colored work space. With places to put markers, crayons and paint, you'll keep your dining room fancy and your 3 year old will be delighted with their own space! Includes a table, a stool, fabric pockets, 3 paint cups, 3 brushes, an eraser, a 12" paper roll holder and a paper towel holder.
Cost: $79.99

Tag Junior Get Ready For Preschool Bundle
Little Pim

We've got increasingly bilingual little guys and its always nice to have extra "hands" on deck to teach them - especially if one spouse doesn't speak the second language. We really liked Muzzy so I think this modern iteration on a similar concept would be a great teaching aid. 
Cost: $169.99


Mini Automoblox
Looking for a perfect stocking stuffer for your car-loving little one? Automoblox are not just a fun car shaved wooden block, they are also a fun puzzle with interchangeable parts! Made by Fat Brain Toys, these little zoomers get your kid thinking while they play.
Cost: $12


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