Monday, January 28, 2013

Breastpumps Covered by Health Insurance!

Working moms, (well, any nursing moms desiring some freedom) rejoice! While you may be limited to a rental, a particular brand or a manual pump, the Affordable Care Act passed last year has mandated that health insurance carriers cover lactation support.

I could have used this BEFORE I dropped over $500 on pumps and lactation consultants. In any case, I was so pleased to hear about this, as lack of money for a pump had previously precluded some of my mom friends from continuing to nurse their babies once they returned to work. Yes, that was a long sentence. I was excited. So excited, in fact, that I told five pregnant friends today and they immediately ordered their pumps. With this new information, I'd like to think I helped five more mothers make the decision to nurse their newborns. They were 'pumped' so to speak. All of them were allowed to order electric pumps.

Call your carrier to see how this works in your plan. In many cases, you will have to order from a preferred medical supply company (like CVS/Caremark) and have the breast pump mailed out to you.


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