Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dinosaur Train Book Review and Giveaway!

We LOVE our local zoos and aquariums. So much so, that we have memberships to every. single. one.

We've got a book and product review for you that will help you enjoy the fun of summer while keeping your little ones' minds sharp during their break from school.
Buddy's Favorite Trips features different playscapes of - you guessed it - Buddy's favorite trips! Baby D loves this type of interactive book because he can stick and reposition the stickers to suit the story he creates. The book features over 75 stickers and a book full of colorful, familiar scenes from the Dinosaur Train show. It's a great book for our summer time car rides - which are especially long in the NYC Metro area. This book was such a hit in our home that Baby D even shared (!) some of his stickers with his friends.

Speaking of trips - summertime is a great opportunity to gather the family and take a trip to explore your local zoo and aquarium, as well as to visit the websites of America’s great zoos and aquariums. Many of the sites offer excellent educational resources, including photographs, videos, facts, lesson plans and activities.  The Association of Zoos and Aquariums provides a collection of links to their accredited zoos and aquariums.

The Jim Henson Company has also recently created The Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour, which provides some great resources for you that any young DINOSAUR TRAIN fan is going to love! 

What is the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour?  It’s is a mobile website that may be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, or on a smartphone web browser, and relates dinosaur and natural history content from the DINOSAUR TRAIN animated television series (which airs on PBS KIDS), to zoo and aquarium animals.

At aquariums and zoos, The Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour will teach kids fun facts about today’s living creatures, and encourage them to learn more about the relationship between modern day ocean life and animals such as sharks, crabs, turtles, elephants, bats, birds, crocodiles and more, and their prehistoric ancestors.    You can see the site at the following link: http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/tour

You can access the mobile website either before, during or after visits to zoos and aquariums to enhance your child’s engagement in paleontology, animal science and natural history.  Guides can also be downloaded for families to take with them on their visits too:

Click here to download the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour for the Zoo
Click here to download the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour for the Aquarium
Click here to download the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour for the Natural History Museum

The kids might just find that with the help of the Dinosaur Train Discovery Tour, visiting Zoos, Aquariums and Natural History Museums are among their “favorite trips” ever!

In September, we'll be celebrating our newest little Dino's birthday so the DecoPak Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Express Cake Topper and Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings featuring Buddy and Tiny will be perfect for the children. 
We put the cake toppers on a giant cupcake and brought it on a visit to a friend's house. The kids loved it!

And if you are feeling very adventurous (I'm more of a cake purchaser), you can try and create the scene below!  Instructions here.

Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings

Buy It!

Buddy’s Favorite Trips (SRP $6.99)   With over 75 stickers, this sticker story book takes fans on a ride on the Dinosaur Train and features Buddy's favorite trips! For ages 3-5; available wherever books are sold.  To browse all the Dinosaur Train books, go to www.penguin.com/dinosaurtrain.
Decoset Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating ($9-$10) To browse all Decoset items at Amazon. These products are available at various online stores including Amazon.com (prices vary). If you're not the adventurous baker-type, You can also visit www.cakes.com to find a bakery in your area that may be able to make these cakes for you.


Win It!

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Disclosure: I received the book and Decoset for my review. All thoughts expressed are my own.


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