Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Growing Up

We've been so busy around here. So busy, in fact, that we haven't had much time to post. I've been keeping up with the Project 365 but all things non-blog have been so time consuming that I've got tons in the hopper that I'm just waiting to release.

On a brighter note, the wee ones are growing everyday. Baby J takes steps, claps his hands, waves and already beats up on his other brother. He grabs food right off the table and takes a bite before you notice. And he's a flat-backer and jelly-legger like his brother. He can squirm his way off your lap with two kicks of his legs all the while completing a full body rotation, making it impossible to hold onto him. By my estimate - a natural athlete.

Baby D scoots along, taking corners and curves with a serpentine smoothness the way only an experienced kid regularly visiting city skate parks with his hip Aunt A can. Its amazing. He's even got a smartness about him, showing that he caught on with the teens whizzing by on their skateboards while he sails on his scooter. He yells "Whatever!" when we caution him to slow down when he's back in the suburbs. He also declares that he's "#Winning!" when he does a no hands trick. Scary. But sweet.

If ever there were a perfect mix between me and Big D - these two guys are it. I see so much of us in them - mixed in with the city coolness that I haven't yet developed myself. 


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