Thursday, June 11, 2015

@SwimToday- How Swimming Can Be the #FunnestSport

I'll be the first to admit that after my swim lessons as a toddler, I took a long hiatus from swimming until I was in my late twenties. Today, things look very different for me and my little ones. These guys take every opportunity to jump in a a body of water - even using their goggles in the bathtub!

My extended family knows the tragedy of losing a child to drowning so I've made it a personal goal to make sure my children are well versed in water safety. We've tried lessons with both the boys before they turned three. Emphasis on tried. I actually got in the water with my guys and they flailed and grabbed on so tightly to me that it appeared I was trying to dunk a tomcat into a tub of water.

Enter Dara Torres. Yes, five-time Olympian and gold medalist Dara Torres!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her through @MomTrends and and inspiring doesn't begin to describe it! Her story is amazing. She and the other panelists (mothers of competitive swimmers) made me want to get myself and my children back in the water this summer. I'm even going to allow myself to brush up on swim lessons - no nonsense bathing suit and all!

SwimToday has started the #FunnestSport initiative to allow more children greater access to swim instruction and competition and to change the misconception that swimming isn't a team sport. Because water safety is important for the littles, I'm completely onboard with getting children confident in the water - especially given the enormous fear of water that some of my older family members have.

The very best part - we received summer swim lessons and gear for Baby D from SwimToday and I'll be documenting our summer swim adventure here. Stay tuned!

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